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Payment Processing Affordable & Easy.

Finally, a payment processor that believes in growing American businesses first. There is nothing we can't provide: flat fee and zero fee options, desktop terminals, mobile, gateway and POS solutions for every business.  Wholesale Processing Systems can provide all this without sacrificing customer service and the guaranteed lowest rates. Schedule a consultation today.

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About Us

Our mission is to make sure your business receives industry leading customer service and the most up to date technology and securities, all while receiving the absolute best rates. 

Our company is founded on Veteran values and traditional American work. Our Values are...

  •  Honor: To always do what is right and in the best interest for you, our customer and partner.

  • Courage: To take accountability when we have made a mistake and fix it.

  • Commitment: To ensuring we provide you with industry leading customer service on the American values that have made this country the best in the world. 


These values are why our relationship with you is so special.  Our customer service has proudly given us a 3% attrition rate in an industry that has a standard 20%.  We know that once you experience our services you will be happy and not want to change your payment processor again. We back this belief up by offering no cancelation fee options on our contracts. 

We understand that human interaction is important to build relationships. That is why our "across the board" service is 5 star service.

Imagine a world where calling a company for help leads directly to the personal cell of your relationship manager. No more calling automated phone services and waiting hours for help while trying to navigate the robotic answering system. Just call or text your relationship manager's cell phone for immediate response and let your account executive deal with the issue while you run your business.

Wholesale Processing Systems is on top of the newest technology by having relationships with hundreds of hardware and software companies. This means we will have the POS system or desktop terminal you need for your business. We also stay on top of the securities that are so important when dealing with credit card processing. PCI and EMV platforms are constantly being updated and include extra measures that the regular processor cannot touch. 

Our Services include:

Merchant/ Credit Card Processing including desktop terminals, POS Systems, Mobile Processing, Inventory Management, Bank Loans, ATM Purchase and Payroll Services.

About Us

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We hear stories every day on how other payfacs and processors are taking advantage of merchants.  From poor customer service to holding thousands of merchants funds, there seems to be no limit of disappointment. The reason most merchants give for choosing these providers is ease of startup and use of product. You no longer have to sacrifice quality for user ease. Our easy and quick signup can have you taking credit card payments in just a few days. You can choose from Desktop Terminal, Online Gateway or Mobile Payments. You can also select Traditional Pricing, Flat Rate or Zero Fee programs. Our team will contact you if you miss anything and we will always be here to help answer any question you may have. Say no to these foreign interests payfacs and experience the gold standard in American processing with Wholesale Processing Systems. 

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