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Why Switch Your Credit Card Processing?

Over the course of the month of October we will explore the reasons why you should switch processors and what to look for to make the best decision and find the right processor. We will dive into everything from saving money, customer service and security to tech hardware, POS systems and finally, what does your money and business support when you choose a processing company? Please enjoy today’s installment of Part 1: Bringing Money Back To Your Bottom Line -

Everyone claims they will save you money this tactic isn’t anything new. And the first thing you hear when a credit card company contacts you the business owner. How do you separate the truth from the shady sales talk you hear every day?

The key here is to check a few important factors before switching.

  • First, how much will you truly save after all other fees associated with the processors program? Any processor can beat the rate plan you have but what about hidden fess or the fees to manage your account? Make sure that you understand your total monthly bill and then ask them to show you how the total monthly bill will beat your current monthly bill. Can they show you an apples to apples comparison? Every new processing agreement has a fees page. Make sure they show you and explain what all these fees mean and why you have them. A good sales rep will show you the fees before you even ask.

  • Second, look out for changing fees. Ask your provider if they plan on beating your rates to get you to sign only, to raise those fees 3 to 6 months down the line. This is common in the industry and happens to almost every business.

  • Another great question to ask is if there is an early termination fee? If these processors are telling you the truth why do they need to get you locked in a contract? If they are doing their job and what they say then you shouldn’t want to leave, but if they are lying then you should be able to fire them and move on to a better processor. Say No to early termination fees on the contract.

I hope we’ve helped shed some light on the process of saving money when switching to a new processor. Like our facebook page or check back in to receive the next segment in our “Why Change Processors” series.

Remember that Wholesale Processing Systems is a veteran owned business and we truly believe in being as transparent as possible. We believe in God, Family and Country. We believe in the small business owner and giving back to our communities. That is why every business that signs up with our swipe 4 veterans program, www.swipe4veterans.comwe will donate 20% of our net profits to www.vetsreturninghome.org That means your business will be responsible for giving back to American Veterans.

We want you to feel comfortable, happy and proud that you are a partner with us. We will continue to break the stereotypes that are within this industry by providing you with the best service and fairest treatment you will ever receive.

Thank you for your business.

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