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Wholesale Processing Systems (A veteran Owned Company) and Pivotal Payments are proud to present Swipe4Veterans. Every time a credit card at our participating businesses is used, a donation is made to further support Vets Returning Home. As a business owner, you’ll get a rate reduction on your current processing costs, free equipment, no contract, 20% of the net profit donated monthly to Vets Returning Home and display for your business to show your support for our nations veterans. As a customer, your trip to your local store now has the potential not only to serve your needs but also to help American Veterans.

Vets Returning Home is a nonprofit and non-government funded organization dedicated to help our veterans transition into stable lives.

The goal of Vets Returning Home is simple: to end chronic homelessness among veterans in our communities. The mission is complex, requiring more than putting a roof over the veterans’ heads. It requires an approach that address the “total veteran” and his/her needs and making sure they succeed after they are transitioned. Vets Returning Home is a volunteer operated 11,000 square foot facility with 43 beds and commercial kitchen. They provide a stable and sober living environment to veterans in crisis. Onsite services including employment readiness training, aid with job placement, disability benefit connection, legal support and life skills training. Community support both physical and financial is vital to their ability to continue the mission. Vets Returning home receives NO government funding. They have successfully transitioned on average 140 veterans a year back into society as a fully functioning community members.

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