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Wholesale Processing Systems Offers Poynt Smart Reader with NO Contract.

Updated: Jul 4, 2018

The Poynt Smart Terminal is like a one-size-fits-all payments system. It has an NFC antenna, a magnetic swipe reader, a Bluetooth antenna, a QR code reader, a printer for receipts, and even an Android tablet to boot. So no matter how the future of payments pans out, you'll be able to get your dang cup of coffee.

The Poynt terminal is available now for $49.99 a month with no contract and can be canceled anytime. With its sleek, modern and sexy look mixed with apps for any business the Poynt reader is a huge advance in the world of credit card processing.

Besides compatibility with basically every payment option that's being used or considered, the terminal's built-in quad-core Android tablet will allow merchants to integrate the payment systems with all matter of inventory and accounting solutions. Additionally, Poynt is a platform, so developers will be able to adapt their applications to the tool. Considering the high cost of comprehensive point-of-sale systems, merchants are getting a lot for the money here. And as new technologies emerge—from Apple Pay to Beacon—these types of cross-compatible terminals might become increasingly necessary. Because nothing's worse than that old feeling of getting to the register and realizing the store won't take your card.

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