Direct Pay

Are you having trouble getting processing? Has your processing been shut down or turned down everywhere else? Are you considered "High Risk"?
We have the ability to get you processing no matter what you have been told. 
Using our Direct Pay system has been the answer to so many businesses that just can't seem to beat the system.
Chat with us now or call our number and we will answer all your questions. You will be up and processing in no time.

Direct Pay is easy to understand and setup. 

with Direct Pay you will receive a 3.25% flat rate.

A one Time $49.95 setup fee and then $24.95 monthly gateway fee.

No Contract Cancel any time without fees.

Write Checks Directly from your gateway which doubles as a virtual checking account.

Transfer Funds onto your linked debit card for immediate use.

You will receive a consumer conversion kit to help your customers pay you quicker.

1. You, "The Merchant" Sets up your new Direct Pay gateway using the below link.

2. Your customers setup a Direct Pay account using the below link.

3. Customers load their account with money.

4. Customers pay you by using their phone number

Contact our support team with the below chat button or call us to learn more about Direct Pay and how it can help your business grow.

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