Career Opportunities

Wholesale Processing Systems is looking for high energy, experienced Sales Executives who are hungry for success.

Are you an experienced sales person looking for something better? Are your commissions constantly being changed or messed with? Are you micro managed and held to un-realistic goals? Are you looking for a company that is real, that understands you are the most valuable member of its team and treats you that way?

Wholesale Processing Systems (WPS) is looking for the brightest stars in the sales field. At WPS we understand the true value of our company is its sales team. We know that we would be nothing without you working as hard as you do to be successful. Without a great team and recognizing your importance and value, we would just be another company. WPS owners are all made up of sales execs and we know first hand your value and how you want to be treated. If you are looking to create a business that you truly own and are not just used and thrown out then give us an opportunity to have you in our family. Give us the opportunity to be thankful for your hard work and treat you as you deserve to be treated.

Here is the type of people we are looking for. 

  1. Self-motivated people who don’t need constant supervision. 

  2. People with a never give up attitude. In this industry rejection is a daily occurrence. You must be able to brush it off and move on to the next prospect. 

  3. Work Ethic – We can take a person with minimal sales ability but a fantastic work ethic and train them to be even more successful, but a highly talented sales person with little to no work ethic is dead weight.

  4. People that understand that this type of sale is purely a numbers game. The more people you meet and talk to the more businesses that you will add to your book of business. 

You should be professional, possess strong written and verbal communication skills. In this lucrative commission only 1099 POSITION based role, motivated representatives have the potential to earn six-figures annually. 

In addition to this aggressive payment structure we offer fantastic benefits:

  • Potential for Pre-Set Appointments Daily

  • Daily Pay

  • Monthly Bonuses

  • Vacation trips for top performers

  • Vested residual income

  • Uncapped earning potential

  • Complete training & support

  • Customized marketing & presentation materials

  • Endless equipment option for customers 


If you would like to learn more about becoming a wholesale Processing Sales Rep, please download the PDF Hiring Brochure and take a moment to learn about the duties and what the job is. We would also like to invite you to one of our weekly hiring phone meetings.

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